Financial Peace University Day #3

Financial Peace University Day #3

Tonight was our 3rd FPU (Financial Peace University) class. We got into lesson two, Relating with Money. This lesson is primarily about getting the two partners involved in the budgeting process. Dave says that there two types of people, the Nerd and the Free Spirit. The terms are pretty self explanatory. Though most people in real life know me as a bit of a nerd, when it comes to financial purposes I am the free spirit. My lovely wife is the financial nerd. She is the glue that binds our budget together. In class tonight we talked about bringing these two sides together. Dave lays out some rules and gives some guidance on how to bring these two seemingly different personalities together.

Another portion of the class was about teaching children. Rachael Cruz spoke about having children earn commission rather than being given an allowance. We got on board with this process in December 2016 by picking up the kids education pack Financial Peace Jr. from Ramsey Solutions and we put it to work. The kids have a chore chart to keep track of what they get paid for. There is also a set of books that teach valuable lessons in money management.

I spent the better part of last week in Atlanta for a business trip, during my down time I read more of EntreLeadership, yes one of Dave’s books. If you can’t tell already we have drank heavily of the kool-aid. It got me thinking about starting some kind of business. Not necessarily a service business like I am in right now but a more product driven business. The problem right now is coming up with the supply chain. Finding out where things can be made and how much it would cost. I’ve got a pretty killer little idea, it’s just a matter of making it happen.

As it goes another month passes and we are a little less in debt than we were last month. Time to take out more marbles.


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